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Final Fantasy IX Remake Rumours Clarified By Jeff Grubb In Wake Of Latest Reports

Jeff Grubb has clarified that he hasn’t spoken about Final Fantasy IX Remake in a few weeks, after supposedly new reports on the as-yet unannounced Square Enix title emerged online over the past few days.

Specifically, a number of outlets had spoken about how Grubb had claimed that the Final Fantasy IX Remake would be closer in scale to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, and that the project would utilise the ATB turn-based system. However, on Twitter, Grubb posted the following to help clear up any confusion:

I haven’t talked about FF9 in weeks, but these rumors keep bouncing back and forth between blogs and Twitter and YouTube as if I’ve said something new or different. I just said it’s definitely real, which of course it is.

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Chatter on Final Fantasy IX Remake has been gather pace this year following Grubb’s comments, with Gematsu also revealing that it’s heard similar reports that Square Enix is indeed remaking the game. In addition, leaker ImAHeroToo claimed that Final Fantasy IX Remake could be a PlayStation-exclusive release.

Final Fantasy IX was originally released for the PSOne in 2000 and was developed alongside Final Fantasy VIII.