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Guess What!? We Offer FREE Shipping On ALL Orders!
Guess What!? We Offer FREE Shipping On ALL Orders!

Smart Toothbrush Sterilizer

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$29.95 - $61.95
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  • Equipped with Philips sterilization technology, deep ultraviolet sterilization, product effect is guaranteed.
  • The first product on the market that can disinfect both toothbrushes and toothpaste at the same time. It can not only disinfect toothbrushes, but also disinfect toothpaste outlets, all-round disinfection.
  • Automatically disinfect 4 times a day, the time can be adjusted, and the disinfection can be based on the user's work and rest time
  • The solar panel can convert light energy into electrical energy for use.
  • The disinfection can be started manually, each disinfection is 120s, simple and practical.
  • Human body induction technology, stop sterilization when someone passes by, avoid ultraviolet radiation.
  • The key parts are removable and washable design, easy to clean.
  • Punch-free installation, using super non-marking adhesive stickers, strong bearing capacity.
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