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Guess What!? We Offer FREE Shipping On ALL Orders!
Guess What!? We Offer FREE Shipping On ALL Orders!

Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

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  • Latest 3D Eye Mask for Sleeping Design: Based on ergonomics, Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Headphones is perfect for your face. The contours of the eyes area are deeper and your eyes can move freely. Zero pressure on eyes, the new 3D eye mask for sleeping perfectly solves the tightness of the silk eye mask, bring you a comfortable and long-lasting sleep. With adjustable strap won't tangle your hair. the suitable head size of this Bluetooth sleep mask is 22.4 in- 24.8 in.
  • V5.2 Bluetooth Stereo Sound with Long Play Time: The High-fidelity stereo sound of this Bluetooth sleep headphones mask produces great sound quality, provides a well-closed and immersed environment for your ears, Just lose yourself in the music! The Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Headphones charge only about 1-2 hours and provide 8-10 hours of playing time, support a whole night. Please move the speakers to align the ears so that you can hear more clearly when using them.
  • Block Out Light Perfectly: Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Headphones has full coverage and is uniquely designed of the nose area, effectively blocking light from entering, prevent light leakage. Block light to make your sleep better, this Bluetooth eye mask also allows you to listen to music without wearing additional headphones, which make you fall asleep faster. Get the benefits of total blackout, whether at home, in a hotel or on the plane.
  • Cool Comfortable Fabric and Stylish Shape: Use memory foam materials and super soft fabric. It's very lightweight, and Skin-friendly breathable fabric is comfortable to wear. Ideal for insomnia, migraine headaches and dry-eye sufferers, as the breathable, fibers of hypoallergenic material allows healthy oxygen in while keeping dry air out. Fits small face, also make you look fashion even at sleep.
Color: Pink