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Conan Exiles Update 1.93 Rolls Out With Performance, AI & Bug Fixes

FunCom has braved the wilderness and liberated a list of Conan Exiles update 1.93 patch notes for your viewing pleasure, which comes packing a range of performance, AI, and bug fixes among other improvements.

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Performance & Stability

  • Fixed a crash related to editing a clan emblem
  • Logging for DWLogString is now available in shipping config builds
  • Added an optimization for dedicated servers
  • Added a memory optimization for Xbox to reduce Out-Of-Memory crashes

Exploit Fixes

  • Fixed an exploit in regards to resources.

Building And Placeable Fixes

  • Golden Derketo Cat heroic treasure now looks the correct size at all levels of detail
  • Gilded Harp and Gilded Jade Warhorn treasure can now be stolen
  • All coin piles can now be stolen
  • Coin piles now require a flat surface, and thus can no longer be stacked on top of each other
  • Turanian and Aesir half stairs have been updated to connect correctly with other building pieces
  • Turanian, Aesir and Stormglass half stairs have had their icons corrected for left and right variants
  • Sorcerer Skull can now be placed

AI And NPC Fixes

  • Followers no longer suddenly decay / disappear upon updating the save game to Age of War
  • Grey Rhinos now have increased health; and the baseline health modifier for pets in general was raised from 1.2 to 1.6 giving all pets a slight increase in health
  • Hecker the Henpecked Blacksmith is back where he belongs

General Bug Fixes

  • “Claim heroic treasure” challenge now completed properly also when placed close to the coffer’s maximum radius
  • Shaman Warpaint no longer glows in the dark
  • Resetting key binding on a controller no longer works only once per session
  • The “Select” action prompt on the menu screens will no longer change based on an unrelated controller setting
  • Rebinding or resetting a controller option will no longer move the field selection afterward
  • Fixed an issue causing some text to sometimes flicker on the controller rebinding screen
  • “Toggle Emotes Menu” controller rebind option is now under the “Menus” category
  • Stygian and Vanir Shields are now crafted at the Armorer’s Benches like other shields
  • Prying Kit no longer reduces a weapon’s durability when used to remove the effect of a Weapon Damage Kit
  • Prying Kit no longer removes oils
  • Blackheart Blade and Blackheart Hammer are no longer erroneously marked as “Legendary”, and also now have the correct border
  • Repairing Grindstone will no longer reset timers for equipment that have oils applied
  • The Heartpiercer bow now correctly works as a demonic bow; it does not run out of arrows, but it has a predetermined longevity of an hour
  • Ymir’s Targe and Scorpion Ward shields now provide Cold Resistance
  • Fixed an issue where Katana special attacks would use up too much stamina if performed after the first light or heavy attack
  • Tweaked Ancient Pike to correct values, as it is not an Epic weapon
  • Blunted Javelin now does 1 health damage, as intended
  • Voidforge Arrow no longer has a legendary descriptor

UI And Text Fixes

  • Updated images for Lost Dungeon building set
  • Abyssal armor and weapons now display durability meter instead of perish timer
  • Treasure names are now properly localized in the coffer’s treasure value list
  • Heroic Treasure names now properly show localized named after being dropped
  • Elixir buffs now show the same icons as the Elixir to differentiate between them
  • Hardened Steel Great Axe now has an icon

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